Insulation Solutions

About Us

Our products have been specifically designed to make homes more energy efficient, comfortable, quiet and less dusty. Air leakage is minimised throughout the building envelope reducing energy loss. Additional benefits include: ease of installation, elimination of moisture problems and greater architectural design freedom.

Enjoy Greater Comfort, Save Moneyand Help the Environment

Spray foam insulation will ensure that any building is substantially warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Energy bills become cheaper, because of reduced air leakage and floor surface exposure which can contribute to a loss of 30% efficiency or more. Spray foam insulation from DEMILEC (USA)will reduce household energy consumption, save you money and will also reduce carbon emissions to help improve our environment.

Stops Draftsand Air Leakage

In one simple application, it seals and insulates, providing a superior thermal insulation barrier. It completely fills cracks and cavities forming a continuous air barrier that adheres to the underfloor and building components thus, eliminatingdrafts while providing amazing insulating performance.

Long Lasting

Once installed, it does not shrink, settle or disintegrate. Unlike most conventional insulation materials, it maintains its efficiency with no loss of U-Value over the life of the building.